Wednesday, January 16, 2008

15.01.08: Red Lentil

Dismal day, it was pissing down all morning. Lou made a red lentil soup along the lines of her triumphant Ezo Gelin from 10.10.07 and once again it seems to have hit the spot. Comments included, 'warm, filling, hearty and tasty just like something...' A Soup Kitchen regular - whose hand writing I recognise - put 'much nicer than Russell's' and then goes on to say it was 'truly warming and filling'. Yer well, next time I'll fill you with something hearty and fulfilling, don't you worry about that.

I was in a shitty mood, myself, and got told off for souring the air in the Pullens Centre, so I do find it a tad sus that three people should have been inspired to remark on the friendly atmosphere. One wrote: 'Absolutely delicious - Lou has always a smile which warms the soul also'. Yer well, she may have a Saintly radiance but she only served 18 bowls of soup, five short of the usual 23. I dunno why our numbers are down in the second week of January, when the weather's diabolical and people are broke after Xmas. You'd think they'd appreciate hot soup for whatever they want to pay and those that manage to prise themselves out of their flats and offices do. But we need more custom.

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