Friday, October 12, 2007

Day Ten: Turkish Red Lentil

Today went by so fast, I failed to photograph it, so here's one I made earlier of Oli's, the Turkish supermarket in Walworth Road that provided all the ingredients of today's soup and, indirectly, the inspiration to make Ezo Gelin Çorbasi, the Turkish Red Lentil 'Ezo The Bride' Soup. What actually happened was that Nadia, who works in one of the architects' offices in Iliffe Yard, gave us this recipe. So we gave it a go.

Louisa was making the soup today along with Kadett from Beautiful & Damned and she had some paprika. I went to Oli's and shopped for the rest of the ingredients before meeting them at 10:30. Ish. They were a bit slow to get going and I left them to it until gone midday, when Louisa came round to say what she'd thought was paprika was obviously cayenne, so I hot footed it round to Oli's...

Half an hour later, when I went round with the log bok, the soup was far from cooked and so I left 'em to it for another hour, when I got a panicky phone call saying Louisa was swamped! What had happened was that Kadett had to leave at 1:30 and, soon after, a legion of architects from DSDHA trooped in and set about the soup. By the time I got there at ten to two, it was all gone! Or just about. I did warn Louisa not to use that gigantic ladle for portion control!

Louisa managed to extend the soup to get a few extra portions out of the pot for Caroline and Gareth, who nipped off to the Italian deli at the bottom of Brixton Road for a loaf to go with. I still didn't get any pictures. Log bok comments included: 'I didn't manage to spill it down my new shirt,' (Bruce); 'a truly tasty tummy filler, but if I end up married I will complain,' (Jan); and 'what's next?' (Anon).

The perfect end to a pretty good week, I felt Louisa and I had earned ourselves a treat so we went and spent thirty quid from the donations on dim sum at Dragon Castle. Have a good weekend, won't you?
Soup Makers: Louisa and Kadett
Soup: Turkish Red Lentil
Other ingredients: Paprika, cayenne pepper
No. of bowls served: 28
Expenditure: £10.77
Donations: £48.34
Dim Sum subtraction: £30
Running balance: +£92.76

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