Saturday, February 2, 2008

31.01.08: Seven Pulses

Carlo claimed this soup contained seven pulses, including at least four varieties of lentil, plus chickpeas and some little brown peas he called 'Ghana peas', prolly black eye peas. OK, that's only six pulses and I can't adequately describe the method by which Carlo invented this soup, either, but I can tell you it worked brilliantly well, however he did it. From somewhere, he'd picked up a bag of crispy fried onion bits (sic) which he mixed into the soup as he served it to vary the texture and add flavour to a concoction that someone described in the log bok as being 'ooh, coriandery and coconutty and chunky and smooth. Marvellous. I want more!' Someone else wrote, 'fantastic'. Which it was, in its characteristically Carlo type of a way. Popular, too.

Look, I know these blog posts have become a bit perfunctory and I haven't posted many images recently, but to paraphrase the late John Lennon, life is what happens from day-to-day while you're busy making more grandiose plans. Normal service will be resumed when I've got a bit less on my plate;-)

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