Thursday, February 21, 2008

20.02.08: Double Tomato + Flat Bread

I've noted before how there's often an abundance of tomatoes-on-the-turn down at Nine Elms and nearly always loads of herbs. Following yesterday's freegan tomatoey soup, Daisy and Rhiannon came back from their foraging expedition with much the same ingredients, plus tinned tomatoes and puree, with which they created what Daisy described as 'double tomato trouble with a touch of lemon thyme and chilli, lashings of basil and some dill'. In other words, 'we made a beautiful red concoction' which went down so well that it all went PDQ.

I didn't get to try it myself, as I was staying out of the way at lunch time to give those committee members who have made assumptions about the Soup Kitchen the opportunity to visit and see for themselves. Consequently, neither did I get to try Nathan's amazing Mexican flat bread (pictured) that he baked especially for the Soup Kitchen. Nor did I get to scoff any of the cakes that Jan brought in, which were leftover from her birthday BBQ the night before. Happy birthday, Jan!

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