Sunday, January 27, 2008

24.01.08: Pomodoro E Basilico

Back once again came the Bolognese maestro, reprising his creamy tomato soup, this time in a version with chick peas in the bottom, a subtle touch of chilli, and ample quantities of fresh basil torn over and stirred in for tip top flavour. Carlo brought with him a couple of getting-past-it pot plants that all but died on the bus journey, but he wasn't to know that I'd picked up a (literal) shed load of basil @ Nine Elms on Monday. So, however unseasonally, this was another beautifully balanced tomato with ample herbaceousness. But the bad news is that only eleven peeps ventured over the Soup Kitchen threshold to taste it and non saw fit to comment in the log bok, leaving the chef to question whether it had been worth his effort?

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