Friday, November 23, 2007

22.11.07: Re-Guguk + Kandi

I forgot to mention the salad leaves that Carlo (eyes right) presented yesterday along with his soup. Today, having quite a lot left, he served 'yesterday's soup with today's new touch'. Which was a slice of garlic bread served in the soup as a great big crouton. His soup taken care of, Carlo also produced a couple of side dishes: a fresh salad, comprised mostly of bean sprouts and grated carrot, matched with a curried mayo dressing; and 'kandi'.

Kandi - a.k.a. Kandy - is the name of a town in the middle of Sri Lanka which is either the home of or the inspiration for this mixture of spinach and pulses with tofu. When I say spinach, I mean Natco spinach puree (eyes left) and when I say pulses, I mean Asda's exotic bean mix. Carlo reckons Asda is the best supermarket (Somerfield is the worst). Ideally, Carlo would've soaked his beans overnight, but instead he soaked them with bicarb. for an hour and boiled 'em for another hour. As you do. In contrast to his hurrying up of the beans, he cooked his onions slowly and no doubt mixed in some spices before he added the spinach and the cooked pulses, slowly stirring in cubes of tofu. It was unusual and, according to Alan, 'very enjoyable'.

Mr Atif enjoyed himself at the Soup Kitchen and will return next week for more. He's talking about maybe doing something one evening next week. So, if you're reading this because you got a flyer through your door and you're intrigued but you work in the day, this could be your chance to experience the delights of the community kitchen in action. Maybe.

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