Tuesday, November 20, 2007

20.11.07: Sweet Potato & Chilli

Lou overslept and then she got a shock, down East Street, at the price of sweet potatoes. The ones she got were Jamaican, apparently, and therefore more silky smooth in their texture than other sweet potatoes, such as the kilo bag from Somerfield that I chucked into the pot. Following this recipe to the power of six, Lou paid £13 for 3.5kg of the Sexiest Sweet Potatoes from Jamaica (I added another kilo) and six chillis. Six of those mean little red Jamaican chillies. Maybe they weren't yer actual Scotch Bonnets, but those chillis were hot, hot, hot.

So this was a hot soup. Lou sprinkled paprika across its surface, but those chillies were overwhelming. Happily, there was yoghurt in the 'fridge for those who don't like it so hot. Rather than Gruyere, Lou garnished her soup with coarsely grated Red Leicester, which worked for me. It was a damn fine soup on a cold and drizzly day and I had seconds. Lou only counted out sixteen, though it's not clear if that's bowls or people.

We seem to be stuck on 16 this week, but hopefully the numbers will pick up now that I've put one of the new fliers through every letterbox on the Pullens. The design of these fliers - the back side of which is below - was donated by Stuart Pickering and the printing was done for nothing by a geezer who works nights and is happy to remain anonymous. Thanks to both;-)

The Tenants' & Residents' Association had a meeting tonight, which voted in favour of a funding application for a Small Grant from the tenants' fund for equipment, so I'm hoping that we'll soon be able to spend around a grand on: a water purification system; a stainless steel soup pot to replace the aluminium one we're currently using; a 10 litre soup kettle to keep the soup warm and free up the stove top; a toaster to make toast; and a rice cooker.

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