Thursday, November 15, 2007

14.11.07: Thai/Indian Curry Veg

I went on a booze cruise to the hypermarkets of Calais on a trip organised by Jan from Iliffe Yard, leaving Carlo to make a soup he described on the blackboard as 'Thai/Indian Curry Veg with Love (donations)'. He left me a half a bowl to sample and this was an intensely curried, orange soup with gob-smacking flavour.

Recipe info is scant, but I gather Carlo made use of what he could lay hands on. He roughly quartered half a dozen onions and cooked them quite hot, in a good couple of splashes of oil, browning the onion. Then he added spice: the end of a packet of cumin seeds; mild curry powder; green curry paste. He added diced vegetables, predominantly carrots, plus a tin of tomatoes and half a tin of tomato puree. He also used up the Marigold bouillon powder, making a few litres at least. When his soup was cooked, Carlo blended it with Gaynor and finished it with half a block of creamed coconut dissolved in boiling water.

He reckons he only served about 15 people, but one of them left a fiver so Carlo easily covered his costs and had enought fun to want to do it again. No photographic evidence was gathered, but log bok comments include: 'nice + spicy - very warming'; Kadett put, 'really nice spicy soup, just what I want'; and Linda wrote, 'love the Thai flavours, thankyou a lot!' Carlo returns next week.

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